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Feedback From Fellow Adventurers

I recently reflected on my coaching experience, to my great pleasure, I was able to see how the work we did together is now embedded in my ongoing practice and way of being. 

The inner work you directed drew the map for my journey. You personalized the path. In doing so, you not only helped establish my course, but you also walked with me along the way. What lingers longest from your coaching is the quality of your personal involvement.

I looked forward to each of our coaching sessions. They were not only productive, they were enjoyable. Whenever we met, I was your sole focus.

​For all of this and much more, I thank you for your service.

– Glen Carlson

This was my first experience with coaching. Angie made it fun and non-stressful. She listened and created an insightful coaching program, which over a 3-month period, meeting every couple of weeks, helped me de-stress, forgive, and move forward into my next chapter. I am so thankful.

 – Cherise T., Critical Care Nurse

Without question, you are not simply thoughtful in your coaching, but caring and compassionate. I felt that in every session, your coaching reflected a sense that you listened intently and offered insights and direction that was tailored to my specific situation. Nothing was canned or re-used from another client. Everything was specifically focused on my journey. The sessions were well worth the personal investment. I continue to use the strategies today.

– Tim Nicinski

I was grateful for the opportunity to work with Angie Wolle through her coaching practice. Like many busy professionals, I often find it hard to carve out time in my day for personal professional development. When I have in the past, I've found it tedious, rote, and superficial. My experience with Angie was completely different. It was rich, honest, hard and heart work. Angie provided a judgement free zone where I felt I could develop the best version of myself, not the version of a cookie cutter leader I thought others think I should be. Such a valuable, highly recommended experience!

– L. Humphrey

It is hard to describe my experience with Angie Wolle without sounding over the top. Angie is a tremendously warm and welcoming person who listens deeply. She gave me many creative ideas that I would never have thought of. I can only describe them as amazing. Putting them into practice has enriched my life, both spiritually and professionally, in more ways than I can name. Thank you, Angie!

– Tanya Sorenson, Ed.D.

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