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Above the Clouds


Meet Your Guide on the Road Toward Transformative Change

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I'm Angela Wolle, the guiding force behind Wolle Coaching and Consulting.

My background spans executive leadership in large, complex corporations, healthcare, information technology, and faith-based organizations. In all these diverse contexts, I’ve offered personal development coaching, strategic organizational development consulting, leadership development, mental fitness coaching, and spiritual health development. I've honed my skills to accompany you during major transitions, pointing the way toward change and growth for individuals and organizations.

My ability to integrate diverse skills and contexts into the present sets me apart. I’ll ask you thought-provoking questions, inviting you to reflect and see things from a different perspective, providing gentle encouragement, offering practical solutions, and guiding you towards authentic self-discovery and growth. Together we will co-create practical, insightful, and fun practices to help you build new muscles as you live your way into a new mode of being.


What makes my coaching approach unique?

I know what it is like to go through disorienting change, to recognize what is currently happening isn't working, while feeling "stuck" or "powerless". Inner voices of judgement and criticism can sabotage and get in the way of accessing your path toward lasting transformational change. I specialize in helping you connect to and draw from your inner wisdom so that you can see clearly and navigate through the change(s) with grace and growth.

Grace and Growth Amid Change

My specialty is helping to turn difficult changes into transformational growth experiences. I’ll provide you with the tools and resources to make the process easier and transformative – that’s my commitment to you.

For individuals, my approach is personal and accessible. We’ll collaboratively navigate transitions into your next chapter with growth and grace. For faith-based organizations, I can help you align your mission, values, vision, and faith tradition, so your culture is grounded and thriving as you fulfill your organizational mission.

Together, we'll explore the meaning and gifts that emerge during this season of change.  We will work co-creatively to help you discover newfound strength, resilience, wisdom, and fulfillment.

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