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Liminal Space: Gifts of the space “in-between”

Updated: Jul 3

When we go through change, we are often thrust into a season where what worked in the past is no longer working but the new way of being has not yet been revealed. Or perhaps there has been an ending but the next has not emerged. This is uncomfortable, this is challenging, this is “not fun”.

There is term for this time, it is called “liminal space”. It comes from the Latin word limnus or limen which refers to a piece of a door frame - “threshold” that divides two spaces.

This season of being in-between, while feeling uncertain and uncomfortable is actually the soil where transformation happens, where preparation and “re-forming” into the next best version of yourself emerges. This season is where the work AND the reward take places. It is actually a season that can include healing, release, reenergizing, renewal and growth. There are many lasting gifts that can be harvested in the season of liminality. Bring your patience and curiosity into this season and see what emerges as a pathway to your next adventure.

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