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1 Minute Grounding Practice: Used IN your daily rhythm

A threshold is that space in between – like a doorway. You have left or ended something and have not yet started the “next” thing. While there are seasons in our life that can feel like this kind of threshold, there are also “daily” thresholds, that can offer some space to “ground” within the rhythm of your day.

These might look like the following: the time between ending a meeting/call and beginning the next meeting; the literal threshold between ending a visit w/ a patient and going into the next patient’s room; ending your commute and entering in your destination.

These threshold times in your daily rhythm are perfect times to take less than 1 minute with 3 intentional breaths!

Here is how it works:

1. With one intentional breath, RELEASE what you just “left”.

2. With one intentional breath, use it to bring yourself BE IN “this present” moment.

3. With one intentional breath, use it to OPEN yourself to what this next experience will bring.

That’s it!

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