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Global Teams, Tennis Courts, and Sacred Moments!

Global Teams, Tennis Courts, and Sacred Moments!


On each of our Global Teams from GT we try to always have a morning devotional, shared by the team leader or one of the team members, followed by a 10-30 minute chunk of time for the team members to go and find a quiet place for reflection and personal prayer and worship. These times can yield a great sense of the presence of the Lord, and result in sacred moments when team members are often encouraged and challenged by the Holy Spirit regarding their own personal walk with Him.

One very special experience for 13 GTers in 2017 was to participate in the Ribbon Cutting and Dedication Service for the Baneasa Community Center in Romania, in honor of Lynn Koch, our Pastor's wife who lost her life in a tragic accident just 3 months after leading a team to this very spot to minister to the often neglected women of the surrounding communities.

On Monday morning, following our devotional focus by Eric Stoudt, I released the team for just a few minutes of personal quite time, and headed out to touch base with Josh Lee, one of our team members who was just finishing up a video interview of some of the Baneasa leaders.

To my surprise I saw our missionary, Ana Dascalescu and Ronda Neiswender, one of our team members and sister of Lynn Koch, playing tennis during devotion time! At first, I thought it quite comical, but the more I pondered it, the meaningfulness of what I was witnessing hit home.

You see, Lynn loved tennis, and was a great tennis player. She must have been thrilled as she peered down from heaven to see one of her dear sisters, and her close friend in Ministry playing tennis on the very spot where just over two years ago she had stood in prayer for a center that would reach this community for Christ!

This was indeed a holy moment - in a sacred space - that only Jesus Himself in all of His wisdom and love could have planned so perfectly.

Before any points are gained in a tennis match, the score would be expressed, "Love - Love."

...and that's how this match ends as well: "Love - Love." The love of our Father expressed through the love of His people in this beautiful place called Baneasa.

Game. Set. Match.

Phil Baker
GT Missions Pastor

Some members of our GT Team getting fun tennis lessons from Mike and Ana!

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