Romania Take 3!

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, bucuroasă zi!

It’s a happy day!!  If you are a part of our Romania family from last year, I just know that you read that to the beat of a very catchy tune!!

So we promised some ‘exciting news’ in our last blog post!  I’m sure most of you have already guessed, with my super secretive title and all

Josh and I are going back to Romania!!!

I can’t tell you how excited and blessed I feel, about the opportunity to go back.  I am excited to see Mike and Ana.  I am excited to see the sweet faces of those precious children.  I am excited to see the finished Baneasa Community Center.  And I am humbled and blessed that God has given us the opportunity to go back so soon!!

We are heading back in September, with a team from GT; we even get to travel with some of our Romania family from last year again!  Ray, Phil, and Eric are all returning this year too.  While we are there we will be attending the dedication of the BCC in honor of Lynn Koch.

I will be posting updates and prayer requests in the months and weeks leading up to the trip.  We greatly appreciate any support in all forms!  If you feel called to support us financially on this journey please check out our Managed Mission accounts or our Missions page.

Molly’s Romania Trip      Josh’s Romania Trip

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