Romania 2017 Mini Update

Romania 2017 Mini Update


As I write this I'm sitting in the Bucharest airport waiting to board our plane back to the United States. How to describe this weekend? It was a rush, we were busy and had a lot of work to do. It was also rewarding, we got to see the Baneasa Community Center completed and attended the dedication ceremony. It was the perfect example of how, as we pour ourselves out serving others, God will pour into us more abundantly than we could have imagined. 

Our team worked hard this weekend. We got up early and went non-stop until late at night. We served so much food that we gave away most of our own dinners. We put shoes onto the precious feet of children. We got to do it. It was a privilege. 

We may have joked around about 'taking a weekend trip to Romania', but we accomplished what we went to do. Not only did we get to sow seeds for God's kingdom, but we were also able to see how much growth there was in the seeds that we helped to sow a year go. We helped Ana and Mike run the dedication, but we also got to spend time with the people we consider our Romania family. It was refreshing. Yes, our 'quick trip' covering 9,600+ miles in 5 short days was refreshing. 

2 thoughts on “Romania 2017 Mini Update

  1. Thank you Global Team GT and Don Immel! You have well accomplished that which you came to do!
    You fed the hungry with the Word and bread, you put shoes on bare, dirty, hurting feet, supplied the needy children for the school year, wiped the sadness and despair from the faces of the hopeless and forgotten! You facilitated the best worship team to bring God’s glory with their anointed singing! What a mark you left on all these lives! You will not be forgotten!

  2. You obviously brought joy to many. What an amazing gift you have provided. May the Community Center continue to bless many people with God’s love

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