Romania Here We Come…AGAIN! 

So as many of you may have heard we’re going back! Okk well actually only Josh is going back this time but still. 

It’s super soon right?! We got home from our amazing ‘Romania One’ trip late on a Thursday night and by Wednesday – less than a week later!- Josh and Ray had already booked tickets to return! They were actually planning their return before we had even left Constanta but no one expected it to happen so soon.

What can I say, God has a plan!

Everything has just been falling into place too. Airfare prices were amazingly affordable on such short notice, the guys got approval from their bosses, Mike and Ana were available, and the only hotel in Baneasa had vacancies. To top it all off God even brought a third team member to the table, Todd.  He wasn’t on the Romania One trip but after hearing about all the tiny pieces God brought together in perfect timing to make a way for Todd to be on this trip, it is clear he is supposed to be going.

The guys leave Thursday.

These weeks have flown by. A lot of people have asked if I am sad that I’m not going back too and the answer is surprisingly ‘No’.  Don’t get me wrong, I had an amazing time on Romania One, but I know in my heart Romania Two is not for me. This also attests to God’s awesome power since I usually feel the need to be involved in everything! I am excited for Josh and I am excited for everything they are going to accomplish over there, but I by no means feel like I am missing out or being left behind.

The Romania Two team is going back strictly for construction and to help Mike work on the Baneasa Community Center. That center will impact the community of Baneasa and surrounding communities in ways we cannot even imagine.

Once again any support would be greatly appreciated and we know this is such short notice!  Our goal is to be over funded! Any extra money will be used to buy tools to take with and then leave there as a donation to aid Mike in the completion of the center. 

Donate to Romania Two

Please keep Josh, Ray,and Todd in your prayers as they step out in obedience to God!

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