Romania Devotions Day 36

Romania Devotional- Day 26




John 20:18-31

Featured Verse:

John 20:29

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen me and yet have believed.”

It is easier to believe in something as 'real' from a physical perspective. “Seeing is believing” is the old saying that is often used to describe one’s belief in the tangible and measurable aspects of life. It is easy to believe in things that appeal to the human senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and even taste. This was the mindset of Thomas and he became known as 'Doubting Thomas' because of it. Jesus made His second visit to the disciples and showed Himself to Thomas, He allowed him to feel His puncture marks while telling him “Stop doubting and believe.” Jesus followers can become frustrated by perceiving that God is silent. Stories of Jesus appearing to individuals or people hearing God’s voice are absolutely extraordinary, however usually these stories are surrounded by a set of extreme circumstances.  God understands that it is more difficult to believe in the things that are unseen and unheard, that is why He welcomes His people to bring their questions and misunderstandings to Him in prayer. Jesus can work through the feelings and promptings inside the body just as well as He can work through the sights and sounds from outside the body. Jesus considers His people blessed when they find belief in what is unseen.

Thomas was honest about his doubts and Jesus 'cleared the air'; when have you openly taken your doubts to Jesus and what was the outcome?  

Jesus gave us a mission when He said 'I also send you'.  How have you been carrying out this directive in your life?

One thought on “Romania Devotions Day 36

  1. I like how Thomas didn’t pretend to believe just to fit in with the rest of the disciples. He was honest about the fact that he had doubts. It ultimately turned into an opportunity for Jesus to minister to him, and then he did believe.

    I also like John’s little disclaimer in verses 30-31. It’s like he was letting us know that while his account was filled with pretty great stuff, a relationship with Jesus will ultimately reveal sooooooo much more!

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