Hello! My name is Molly, I'm from Pennsylvania and I am a part-time blogger, full-time wife, and fully devoted follower of God.  I am married to Josh (the 'tall dark and handsome' guy you see in most of my pictures!), we have three furbabies, and we love love love to travel.  Did I mention I love to travel?

We have been blessed with many opportunities to explore this big Earth and I want to tell you about them!  I'm doing this a little differently though, I don't want my religion to take a back seat so I am going to be completely open about God's role in my life.  I know there are a ton of travel lovers out there, and I hope that this blog helps to inspire you.  If a lot of you are like me and cannot travel full-time or blog as your career, then I also hope this blog helps to hold you over until your next adventure!

Fun Facts

During the day I am an accountant -I love numbers and order.

I spend the rest of my time reading, hiking, daydreaming about my next trip, and volunteering at church.

I have been to 3 of the 7 continents so far, and I am itching to get to South America!


My Dreams

I have a pretty extensive bucket list, and most of the things on that list involve travelling.  One of the goals I am most excited about is making it to all 7 continents!  From time to time I will blog about crossing items off my bucket list, especially if it is a travel item.  Otherwise I will be talking about all the fun trips I have taken, the interesting people I have met, and just life in general.





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